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The Orange Door Property Story...

Almost 4 years ago, Orange Door Property was created to fill an obvious gap in the real estate property management world. From our experience, too many agencies are only interested in the management fees that a property might fetch rather than servicing the needs of the client and the property. At Orange Door Property, our priority is service and doing it well 😊

We speak to tens of investment property owners all over the country each week and they are all telling us the same thing…their property managers aren’t managing their properties!! Tenants aren’t paying their rent, inspections aren’t being done and maintenance isn’t being reported to owners…if we only had a dollar for each story we have heard!

That’s where Venessa step in…they both have a very unique set of skills and together they are committed to bringing service and integrity back to the industry, one property at a time. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding property management service that is built on communication, service and trust. This allows our clients to experience a worry-free relationship with us and their investment.

We believe in building relationships with both owners and tenants to ensure the best property management experience for both parties. Communication between all parties is key and during our management of your property we will work hard for you, your property and your tenant.

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We are a mobile agency servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coast… and we’d love to hear from you! 


“Orange Door Property has made all our property adventures effortless, quick, stress-free and fun!! We started as clients with investment properties then Orange Door Property helped us buy our dream country home while selling another. This should have sent us a little crazy but Orange Door Property just took control and got it done. We still have our sanity as well as a great friend in Orange Door Property. Thank you for everything! We think you are fantastic.”

– Mick & Bernie, Owners